Point a Domain Name to Your Site

Once you have created a server and installed an app on EnterCloud you’ll likely want to configure DNS for your domain. It’s easy to create new A Records at your domain’s registrar DNS. Set your app’s domain is necessary to ensure your website running properly on your EnterCloud VPS.

Point a Domain Name to Your Site

All domain registrars has related options to configure the DNS section. In this tutorial we show you how to add A Records at For more registrars read the doc “Setup DNS A Records“.

Configure the DNS

First, sign in to your account and click “View all domains”. Find the domain you want and from the dashboard click “DNS” at the top right of the section.

Point a Domain Name to Your Site
Add Domain A Records

Click “ADD A RECORD” on the top left button and a pop up opens with options to create DNS Records. In TYPE option choose “A”. An A Record, or AAAA Record, is used to point a hostname at an IP address. This record type can be used to point your domain name at your web host or for creating subdomains that point directly to an IP address.

Point a Domain Name to Your Site
In TYPE option choose “A”

Create A Records

You have to create two “A Records”, one for naked domain (without www) and second to apply www. That way the browsers recognise WWW and non-WWW domains.

Point a Domain Name to Your Site
A Record without www
Point a Domain Name to Your Site
A Record with www

That’s It!

When DNS changes are made, they are not instantaneously visible across the Internet at large.

Changes to your domain’s authoritative name servers can take anywhere from one hour to an entire day depending on many factors, including your registrar and which top-level domain (for example, “.com” or “.org”) your domain uses. During that period of time, some DNS resolvers will be using the old name servers while others are using the new name servers.

But in most cases you don’t have to wait a long. Big registrars resolved the propagation time cache new DNS records up to 5 minutes. Also, you’ll be able to log in to WordPress Dashboard when you visit your server’s IP address.

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