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The Purpose of SSL

The purpose of SSL is to establish a secure communication channel between a client, such as your web browser, and a server. This secure communication channel ensures two things:

Your web browser can trust it is communicating with the web server it thinks it is.
All communication between your web browser and the server is encrypted, so nobody else can read the communication.

Since Google starts giving a ranking boost to secure HTTPS/SSL sites, EnterCloud can automatically issue, deploy, and renew SSL certificates for your apps. Just click on Enable AutoSSL.

Enable AutoSSL

Enabling AutoSSL

Before AutoSSL will be available for an app, you must first add the app’s domains in EnterCloud.

Once you’ve added your app’s domains, you’ll have an AutoSSL option available in your app’s SSL tab.

When you click on Enable AutoSSL, EnterCloud will enable SSL for your app using an AutoSSL certificate. This certificate will be automatically renewed by EnterCloud before it expires.

Enable AutoSSL


AutoSSL is only available if you have not deployed your own SSL certificate to your app. If you have already deployed your own SSL certificate, you must delete that certificate before you can enable AutoSSL.

If your site does not display correctly when accessed over SSL, check your site for mixed HTTP/HTTPS content.

EnterCloud can issue AutoSSL certificates for apps that meet the following requirements of our certificate provider, Let’s Encrypt:

DNS for your domains must resolve to your server or, if you use a CDN like CloudFlare, the CDN must be configured to proxy requests to your server.
AutoSSL certificates can now include IDNs as Let’s Encrypt began supporting IDNs in October 2016.
Your domains cannot be wildcard domains.
Each app can have at most 100 domains. Each subdomain counts as a separate domain.

If any of your apps’ domains are not available for AutoSSL, you will see the reason why in the app’s SSL tab.

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