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Hosting Simple and Easy

Standing out with Our Innovation and Simplicity

High-Speed Performance

Switching to EnterCloud give you a 10x speedup

Automated Security Updates

We always keeps your server’s software up to date

Performance Assured

Speed and Performance

The websites are on your own VP Servers where they minimizes page load times, improves performance, and reduces bandwidth. You can have multiple servers and multiple sites per server. EnterCloud installs the fastest stack to run your sites: Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, MySQL, HTTP/2, Brotli, read more...

SSD storage
All EnterCloud servers include variable amounts of enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.
Linux-based VMs
Linux is by far the most used Operating System (OS) on VPS right now. Our servers installs the latest Ubuntu LTS “Bionic Beaver” which is powerful and stamble version.
99.99% uptime SLA
We guarantee a 99.99% uptime SLA. We do everything we can to make sure that your site stays online. Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors improve network performance and security.

Secure Architecture

With the most advanced security architecture of any control panel, we’ve defined the new hosting industry standard. Our security practices exist to protect both our internal systems and your servers. We keeps your server’s software up to date so you always have the latest security patches.


If security is critical to your business and you need to run fast PHP applications, you should use EnterCloud.

Best Practices
Our security practices exist to protect both our internal systems and your servers.

✓ Minimal attack surface

✓ Code signing

✓ Offline key storage

✓ Access control

✓ Secure VPNs

✓ Argon2id password hashing

We configure secure SFTP on your servers so you don’t have to use insecure FTP.
From the moment you deploy your server, malicious traffic to private services is blocked by an iptables firewall we configure on your server.

✓ Traffic only allowed for HTTP, HTTPS, and SFTP/SSH.

Unprivileged PHP
Your PHP processes run as an unprivileged system user, keeping your websites isolated from the rest of your services.
App Isolation
Separate system users and filesystem access control lists prevent any insecure WordPress plugins from affecting other sites on the same server.
No Open Ports
Unlike other control panels, you don’t increase your attack surface with required open ports. You can even use EnterCloud on VMs in your own network.

✓ There’s never an out-of-date control panel attackers can access on your server.

SSL Everywhere
Free SSL certificates are automatically deployed and updated for your sites. And ServerPilot always uses SSL, including when communicating with your servers.

✓ Let’s Encrypt

✓ TLS 1.3

✓ Downgrade protection

✓ Handshake encryption



Truly great support when you need it. But we try hard and we’ve solved cloud server management, so you can focus on your business keep you from needing support. You can also easily find answers you need with hundreds of clear, useful articles and an advanced documentation search system, or in the community forum where EnterCloud customers can discuss if they experience any issue.

Additional Hosting Features

Application Stack

Run your sites with the most advanced configuration optimized for speed, security, and the flexibility PHP and WordPress sites need. Your servers run on Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support), the world’s most popular enterprise Linux distribution. Ubuntu is supported by every server provider.

HTTP/2 multiplexes the transfer of a web page’s images, stylesheets, and scripts so browsers get them faster.
EnterCloud’s built-in support for IPv6.
Brotli Compression
As new, faster web standards like Google’s *Brotli are added, EnterCloud makes sure you’re using the best technology available.
The command-line interface for WordPress. Less plugins, faster and safest website.
With Nginx as your public-facing web server, your sites get the speed, scalability, and security of Nginx.

✓ Nginx 1.17

✓ Asynchronous request handling

✓ Slowloris protection

Nginx proxies requests to a local instance of Apache so WordPress and PHP sites can leverage Apache’s advanced per-site configurability.

✓ Apache 2.4

✓ .htacess files

✓ mod_rewrite

The PHP FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) optimizes your server’s resource usage by scaling PHP processes based on request load.
PHP 8 Ready

The latest PHP versions and all updates are available the moment they’re released.

✓ PHP 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0

The world’s most popular open source database gives you proven performance and reliability.

✓ MySQL 5.7

Full Root Access

Every server has a root user that has full privileges to do anything on the server. Using either SSH or SFTP, you can log in to your server as root user to manage that user’s apps. In most cases isn’t necessary to access your app (e.g. WordPress) using root.

EnterCloud will handle all of the server reconfiguration. You never need to do any configuration of Nginx, Apache, MySQL, or PHP. When you use the One-Click WordPress installer, you create your system user where you can access SSH/SFTP to upload your site’s files to your server. From EnterCloud control panel you can also change the PHP version with one-click.

Take the Control of your WordPress site

Customize PHP settings for your apps by creating a file named .user.ini in your app’s web root directory.
That way, is very easy to eliminate WordPress common errors by change PHP settings for Maximum Input Variables, Maximum Upload File Size, Maximum Post Size, Memory Limit, Maximum Execution Time, etc. Highly Recomended for WP All Import Plugin Users. Perfect for automated WP site!

8 Data Centers

Choosing the right data center location for your servers will have the least amount of latency. The Primary Region for all servers will be created by EnterCloud is determined in the location New York, USA.

Data CenterLocation
NYC1New York, USA
SFO1San Francisco, USA
TOR1Toronto, Canada
AMS2Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data CenterLocation
BLR1Bangalore, India
LON1London, UK
FRA1Frankfurt, Germany