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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i Choose Data Center Location?

The Primary Region for all servers where will be created by EnterCloud, is determined in the location New York, USA.

  •  If you want another Data Center Location for your server, contact support.

EnterCloud currently allows you to select from the following eight data center locations: New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore, Bangalore, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London.

Do I Need A Domain Name?

Yes you still need a domain name and update your domain’s nameserver to our server which only takes about 1-2 minutes.

AutoSSL isn't Available

Before enable the “Auto SSL”, required to point a domain to your site added your server’s IP to your registrar DNS. When DNS changes are made, they are not instantaneously visible across the Internet at large. But in most cases you don’t have to wait a long. Big registrars resolved the propagation time cache new DNS records up to 5 minutes.

  • Once your domain’s changes are visible, you’ll have an AutoSSL option available in your site SSL tab.

AutoSSL is only available if you have not deployed your own SSL certificate to your app. If you have already deployed your own SSL certificate, you must delete that certificate before you can enable AutoSSL.

Can I Host My Client Sites On My Account?

Yes you can host unlimited websites either they are your websites, your clients’ websites, etc. We only allow websites that are built following our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).